Pampered Pet

June 15th, 2009

Hello Fellow Raspberry Road Followers!

How is everyone doing? I know there are a bunch of changes that go along with summer’s arrival- including the kiddos being out of school. for some, this means lots more free time. for others not so much. Either way, I hope that this newest QP will help you get one more layout taken care of!

It’s no secret that I love my kitty , Theo, to distraction. Well, that translates into lots of pictures- so i need some multiphoto layouts! This is the one I did this week-

I used Susan’s magnificent Pampered Pet collection. It’s great for all of your kitty and puppy needs! There are so many different items for this kit, inclusing some great pre done albums. Check it out!

Here is your QP.

Savory QP Freebie

June 13th, 2009

Hello All!

So, do you notice how over time everyone’s scrapping gets better and better? Well, when I saw the new Savory Kit, I knew that I had to use it to re-scrap some of my favorite pictures of my ds from 2007.  Comparing the two LOs, I can really see how much I have grown into my style. 🙂 I love the rich, earthy colors of this kit, with all of the delicious-looking herbs and spices! And like always, I made a QP to share with all of you.

I hope you like it!

Here is the download

Journaling says:

Ever since Chris has been old enough to speak he
has said that he wants to be a chef when he grows
up. So, Aunt Laura decided to get him a free cooking
lesson at her work. Chris was ecstatic as he
cooked up buttermilk pancakes, french toast,
sausages and yogurt parfaits, with the help
of the kitchen staff (of course). Yummy!

Happy Scrapping,


Big Top QP Freebie

June 5th, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday, we took the kids to Great America. The weather was absolutely perfect and after all of the schoolbuses left , at about 3, there were no more lines! 😀 It was so much fun! We rode on all of our favorites over and over again. So, of course. . . I have tons of pics and I couldn’t wait to scrap a few today.

I made this page with the fun, new Big Top Kit! As you can see, it worked well with my theme and I loved the colors . . . so bright and cheery!  If you like it, and I hope you do, the QP download is below!

Here is the preview for the QP:

And here is the download

Happy Scrapping,


Antebellum QP Freebie

May 30th, 2009

Hello All!

I had such a fun time scrapping some pictures of my grandparents when they were teenagers (aren’t they cute?!), with the gorgeous Antebellum Kit! It’s a really great kit for heritage pages . . . just chock-full of precious goodies and I think the page turned out adorable . . . so I thought that I would share it as a QP!

I really hope that you enjoy it! 🙂

Here is the download

Happy Scrapping,

Roanna 🙂

Are you done scrapping Easter?

May 29th, 2009

Yeah, me neither. In fact, i have about 3 years of easter to catch up on so theres really no hope at this point lol. Well, here is one of my attempts to try.

I used Susans magnificent Easter Thyme kit. When i say this kit is chock full, I mean it! look at all the elements I used on this page- yeah I didnt even skim the surface. Best of all, Susan is putting the store on sale for 50% off on Friday and Saturday in honor of Julie having her baby.

I made this into a qp for you ( minus the mallbunny word art of course :OP)

Here it is.

Go to the shoppe here to pick up the kit!

stay awhile, the scrappin waters are fine!

Tom Boy QP Freebie

May 24th, 2009

I just downloaded these papers and am in love. Susan, these have my name written all over them! There is just something about the soft colours and retro designs…

I have turned the second page into a Quickpage for you to download here:


Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

TomBoy QP2 Freebie

May 19th, 2009

Hello All!

It’s me, Roanna,  . . . again! Can you tell that I have found a new love of making QPs?! 🙂

Truly, I am so inspired by Raspberry Road Designs I have stopped using anything else! LOL!

So, here is another QP from the fabulous TomBoy kit . . . it is very different from my first . . . with a very decidedly feminine flair. I hope that you like it, and if you do, please leave some love! 🙂

Here is the download

Happy Scrapping!


Tomboy QP Freebie

May 14th, 2009

Hello All! It’s been so beautiful this week we’ve hardly spent anytime inside . . . but all of that outside time makes for some great pics! 🙂

Here is a QP that I made from the very cute TomBoy Kit by Raspberry Road Designs. I usually shy away from using the bold prints as a the main BG, but I loved this one and I think it turned out great!

Hope you enjoy it and have a fabulous weekend!

If you like it, please leave some love . . . it brightens my day! 🙂

Here is the download

Happy Scrapping,


Another random quick page!

May 7th, 2009

Hey folks! It’s me, Bre, and I’m back with the next installment of another random QP! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I really love to use lot’s of different types of Raspberry Road kits all together on one page, just to see what I can make. This time I made this:

I used the following kits to make it:

Auld Lang Syne, Havanna Nights, Father knows best, Lucky Me, Deckled Edge CU, Nantucket Briar, Raspberry Jam, County Fair.

Well I took of the title and the photo corners and decided to offer it as a a freebie to you. Make sure you check out the shoppe to see all of the other great pieces in these kits!

Click HERE to go to 4 shared

The Scouting Way QP Freebie

May 4th, 2009

Hello All!

Here is another freebie for you! 🙂

This one is from the lovely new Scouting Way kit. I have had these pictures of my sweet doggie for a while, and was finally inspired to scrap them.

Here is the download

I hope that you all enjoy the week ahead!

Happy Scrapping,